About USvia19
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About USvia19


About USvia19

USvia19 has it’s root in a rich heritage of a family-owned company, restoring Defenders to their rightful luxury for decades.  The British 4-wheel drive Land Rover Defender has been unchanged for over 65 years and used in countries around the world.  USvia19 restores original Defenders to their original glory … and then some…

Leather craftsmanship is the finishing touch to redefine these luxury off-road vehicles.

All original vehicles are sourced and consolidated in Portugal.  From there, they make their way across the Atlantic to Miami where each Defender is legally imported as an antique classic vehicle.   USvia19 does all the custom restoration to specifications of the future buyer, and then all vehicles are purchased through a Tampa Bay dealership, in full compliance with US law and regulations.


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The team at USvia19 has a special appreciation for the unique heritage of the Land Rover Defenders and the attention to detail is unsurpassed.

The founder and CEO of USvia19 is a world-record land-speed record holder, and long-time fan of the original Land Rover Defenders.   While the Defender is a vehicle in it’s own class, without a restoration, the practical drivability and element of luxury is lacking. USvia19 was born from a desire to rethink the possible, and provide a restoration only found with the hand-crafted luxuriousness you would expect from your private jet.

The rugged luxury restoration of the Defender, puts it back in a class of it's own: where it belongs.

While the availability of Defenders in North America is already limited, the uniqueness of USvia19 Defenders make them even more rare for the premiere car collector.

The mission & vision of USvia19 is to deliver premier luxury imported Land Rover Defenders with a luxurious class that is unparalleled.

Once you take delivery of your custom Defender, you will never let it go.

USvia19 produces a limited number of original, restored Land Rover Defenders.

Our Offices

USvia19 is perfectly suited to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for a premier luxury vehicle that you simply can’t obtain any other way.   With locations in Portugal and Tampa, Florida, USvia19 handles all restoration in-house, and handles all the legal ramifications of importing and delivering vehicles to your dealer of choice.  All vehicles are sold and titled through a Tampa Bay dealership in full compliance with US import regulations.