Import and buy Land Rover Defender Heritage-like edition
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Original Imports

Each Chassis and frame will have the Royal Stamp designating it's original place of origin and serial number assigned.

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Authentically Restored

From there they are completely stripped down and meticulously restored and modified - thus named Restomods, as the proper nomenclature.

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Personally Customized

Each model we offer can be uniquely yours. The engine type, color scheme - matching wheels to exterior color, the leather interior, seating.

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Handcrafted Leather - Defender

An Iconic Vehicle

Imagine stepping back in time by jumping into the driver’s seat of an iconic model whose rugged design and style had not changed in over 80 years, owned by Royalty and farmers alike. These globally sought after models are now available locally through an importer of Heritage-like model Land Rover Defenders. These classic models, whose chassis and frame are 25 plus years old, are completely rebuilt  – have all parts, OEM aluminum clad, soft hand sewn luxurious leather seats, more powerful and efficient engines, upgraded suspension, brakes and so much more.

Customize Your Defender
You get to capture a glimpse; an experience of history . . .your way.
― John Clayton

Fully Customized & Authentically Original

Drive your dream vehicle. You won’t regret it.

Defender Colors
Call, or visit one of our trained and experienced import specialists so we can assist you in building and importing your dream Defender.


Original chassis and frame are sourced from Europe & Africa. Each is scrutinized by mechanics, and tested and rebuilt to the original standards. Some parts are re-galvanized or replaced completely.

The sky's the limit

Choose from over 10 colors both interior and exterior. Designating an LS or a 4 cylinder Puma, then outfit your own Defender 90, 110 or 130 as you see fit.

You. Colorized.

We have 12 distinct exterior and interior colors to choose from to build out your own version of a Defender model.

Wheels, wheels, wheels.

Please take a look at the 12 color schemes available on our matching wheel color to body color.


Do you want to tow your house behind you or get the best fuel economy possible or both?


Go authentic with a manual transmission, or splurge on luxury with an available automatic 5-speed.

Unlimited Combinations

Unless you share your configuration, you're guaranteed to have a uniquely-you Defender.

Interior perfection

Leather wrapped stearing wheel, leather wrapped dashboard, gear shift, door panels and of course seating. Our soft hand-sewn leather is found inside Lamborghini's and other similar vehicles. Why would you expect anything less from your very own Land Rover Defender?

Heating & Cooling

Each model can be outfitted to it's original design - without A/C and the use of the front jalousy cranks for maximum fresh air intake or customized to provide the maximum interior climate controlled air conditioning, as you might expect if driving in sweltering Florida weather.